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Steppitours - a mobile app provides self- guided walking tour

SteppiTours provides self-guided audio walking tours. A wide range of different tours from “Architecture and history” tour to tours created for Food lovers and Art lovers. Furthermore, SteppiTours aims to not only provides users with high-quality tours but also create a community where users have a chance to share travel experiences and expand their networks.

Type of Project

University Project


Oct 11, 2020

Notable Features

01. Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can be enabled if you are not physically in the area, or when you are in planning mode and just want an overview of the tour before you making your visit

02. Free roam 

Tours are recommended by local people that know the best way to get around and see everything their community has to offer. If you would prefer to stray from the path and not be confirmed to the tour route, you can take tours in "free roam" mode

03. Social Media Platform

If you would like to connect with people who share the same passion and interest in architecture or photography, this app is designed for you. The app provided a social media platform where you can share photos you took when exploring cities.

04. Audio Guide

Delivered to you in audio format created by local experts and high-quality guides curated by local content creators. Control your time, speed and movement by pausing the experience at any time.     

Long Hoang

Graduating from Swinburne University of Technology in UX/ Ul Design passionate to prove in field of web and interaction design. I am a passionate designer with experience in wireframing, Ul patterns, user flows and prototyping. Personality is enhanced by leadership capabilities and the ability to operate in a team.

I strive for a minimal and beautiful design.

Long Hoang

UX/UI Designer

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