Brand Identity Design for Curvecrete

The task was to design a new icon complement the existing brandmark as well as the branding style guide and applications for Curvecrete. Curvecrete is an advanced manufacturer of robotics systems for construction. The technology uses robotics technology to form beautifully curved architectural panels made from low-carbon concrete.

Type of Project

University Project


Oct 28, 2021

The official logo of Curvecrete comprises two elements, the logo symbol and logo type. The logo symbol was inspired by curved shaped panels that Curvecrete produces. The logo title Carefully chosen for its modern and yet refined, highly legible style. The word curve is in turquoise green color to represent Curvecrete’s environmentally friendly technology while the word “crete” is in concrete grey color. The font that is used here is Berthold Akzidenz BE.

Following development of Curvcrete’s final icon, the comprehensive brand guidelines document began to be constructed. Designed as a thorough working document that could be easily adaptable going forward, it would consist of five main sections: the corporate logo, corporate typography, colour palette, toolbox of visual elements and application mockups

The mockup applications section of the brand guidelines document show how the Curvecrete identity would appear on various items such as stationery, promotional merchandise and social media platforms (Instagram). This included letterhead conceptual design, business card conceptual design and the Curvcrete logo embossed on concrete material

The social media templates can be considered as part of the mockup applications section. Those templates were designed to make it easy to create all of Curvecrete’s social media posts. The set of 8 different template versions is fully customisable to suit the brand needs. Simply change the colors, replace the text with any kind of content and images such as Curvecrete News, Green Data, Future Possibilities, etc

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Long Hoang

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