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Admin Mobile App designed for Traffic Police Department

The app is designed for officers who work at the Traffic Police Department. The app provides features that allow officers to look up for vehicle information including driver license and vehicle's registration number. Officers are also enabled to view documents as well as approve an agenda or check their history of approved documents.


Traffic Police Department


Jul 14, 2021

Notable Features

01. An Interactive and Smooth UI/UX Design

UI/UX design plays a vital role in our user engagement. The app has an attractive design can appeal to the user and encourage interaction and popularity. The colour palette used in the design was inspired by the colours of police uniform which ensure the app is use-friendly.

02. Privacy Security

Users are expected to enter their passwords as well as share their personal information. The app's most important feature is to store these data securely. The app has features like fingerprint, OTP, and QR code for proper authentication and validation in addition to a secure, fast, and efficient payment transfer.

03. Convenient Search Engine

Users can basically search anything that they are looking for by using the search bar. However, there are some sections that have been already categorised for user. For examples, there are different types of documentation, but we have designed a flutter tab bar allows users to easily select the type of documentation they are searching for

04. Push notifications

Easier to send than emails and less likely to end up in a spam folder, push notifications can be text, graphic, or a combination of both to send users content notification like some of their documents are about to expire or already expired. They could also view those agendas that they approved in the past by navigate to the history of approvements.

Long Hoang

Graduating from Swinburne University of Technology in UX/ Ul Design passionate to prove in field of web and interaction design. I am a passionate designer with experience in wireframing, Ul patterns, user flows and prototyping. Personality is enhanced by leadership capabilities and the ability to operate in a team.

I strive for a minimal and beautiful design.

Long Hoang

UX/UI Designer

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